The Sport of Sports Betting

As a recreational sports gambler, I used to think I had an edge over other gamblers because I am such a sports geek, and I have knowledge that no one else has. I guess that puts me in the same boat as 99% of the other sports betters in the world. What has taken me years to realize is that I may have an advantage over peers in the sports betting world, unfortunately they are not the people I am betting against. The house holds the advantage in regards to sports betting. They set the line, analyze the “action”, and adjust the line accordingly to their benefit. The sports books have people dedicated to making sure they hold the edge, yet keep that edge so slight that, after you lost $100 on that football game, the margin you lost by was so minuscule that it makes you come back next week to try your “system” again.

Oh, I’m sorry. I just assumed you had a system. Seems everyone you ask, does. And when you ask about the success or failure of their system, for some reason at that particular moment, either there was a fluke weather anomaly, an undisclosed injury, or someone was on the take. I have had plenty of laughs listening to some of these excuses (after I was out of earshot, of course), and decided that it was really a waste of time trying to develop my own system. So, I did some research and started trying the systems of successful gamblers. How much money would you waste every week constructing your own system, losing money regularly as you try to find that trigger stat you need? That’s why you need to review some of the systems that others have developed so you can start seeing success right away. And this doesn’t apply just to sports betting. There are systems for casino table games, too. And whereas there are no guarantees for success if you buy into these systems, the opportunity for success is greater because others have succeeded using the programs.

Do as I did and take a look at some of the E-Books available and the systems they describe. If you win just one time using their system, you’ve paid for the program. Pretty close to a sure bet, and with the money-back guarantees, you’re playing with house money. Give it a shot. I did. And since I did, although I haven’t gotten rich, my sports betting has crossed the 50% win mark, and I leave the tables when I want to, not when I run out of money.

Scott Cordon

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